Fitgym and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the collective experience of technology working together through the internet. The IoT can be made of devices, sensors, and/or machines – basically anything with the capability to be connected to the internet. The concept of Fitgym as a real-time capacity-providing app is possible through the Internet of Things, as sensors have been engineered to collect massive amounts of data, such as entry and exits of a building. By storing this data on a server in a database, it is then possible for a native app to retrieve this data and share it with users.

Fitgym and Functionality

While we did not implement any new sensors and we were not able to have access to the current data from the biometric hand-scanners already in place, we created a database that lists capacity percentages along with the date and time stamp from each entry. Ramsey Student Center did give us the average capacity by the hour for the 2015 fall semester. We have created a php form that also operates through the server. Through this form, we can add a new entry into the database at any time. We input the current (theoretical) percentage into the form. The form then submits this percentage into the table, and the table automatically timestamps the entry as well. The form allows the data entry process without real sensors to function more easily for the manual data entry, while also lending real-time execution. Real sensors would automatically update the database’s table without need for manual input.

The app pulls the latest entry from the table and displays this capacity on the app’s home screen. The app can be refreshed to always check if the current capacity has been updated since the app was first opened. The app will update when opened or refreshed, and there is a new data entry in the database, updating the current capacity percentage.

Fitgym and the Future

With great potential for product expansion, the Ramsey Student Center could utilize the biometric hand scanners already in place at the entrance to Ramsey, along with installing infrared motion sensors on the exit gates in order to provide more accurate, real time capacity data.



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