FitGym is an iOS fitness app that uses sensor and Internet of Things technology to inform users the current capacity of the Ramsey Student Center and transforms the gym from a place that prompts excuses, to a place users feel empowered to go.

The Ramsey Student Center, at the University of Georgia, serves students, faculty, staff, and their dependents as the fitness and activity center. With a student population of over 35,000, one can only imagine the crowds that can foster and sustain through the day at this physical fitness facility. This can create an issue for gym-goers that are still becoming comfortable in their fitness lifestyles and those that are “about that gym life,” but need to use their time efficiently. From those seeking privacy to those needing to know they can get in for a quick 30-minute workout without battling for equipment, Fitgym is the solution.

Utilizing the “less is more” approach, we created an application with the user’s experience in mind. As soon as one opens the app, the current capacity of the Ramsey Student Center appears and allows the user to choose if this is a gym capacity comfortable for them.

Fitgym works by helping eliminate one of the main excuses as to why one can’t or won’t go to the gym, because it was too crowded. We hope to help Fitgym users realize they can fit gym time to their time with one click. This, on a large scale, will help convert more to a healthier part of life by taking one step forward with gym attendance.